DisplaySearch: Notebook shipments grew last quarter

No, it wasn't just HP. Global notebook PC shipments were relatively strong overall last quarter, according to the latest figures from NPD DisplaySearch.

The firm says global notebook shipments rose by 1% between Q2 '13 and Q2 '14. That kind growth isn't astronomical, but it reverses the trend of the past seven quarters, which all saw shipments decline. Also, some markets—including North America—saw much higher growth than others:

"North America and Western Europe have improved to positive double-digit growth, due to a combination of commercial PC replacement cycles and Windows XP migration in 2014," said Hisakazu Torii, vice president, smart application research at NPD DisplaySearch. "The notebook PC market has also benefited from the launch of Chromebooks and other low-priced notebook PCs."

The top-five vendors did particularly well, too, enjoying a collective 16% increase in shipments. (That's compared to a 20% decline last year, DisplaySearch says.) Out of the top five, Lenovo apparently fared the best. The company's notebook shipments grew 35% year-on-year, propelling it to the top spot in the market share rankings, ahead of HP, Asus, Dell, and Acer, respectively.

Too bad DisplaySearch doesn't have numbers for desktops. We'll probably have to wait for figures from Gartner and IDC for those. Intel has made no secret of the fact that its desktop CPU shipments are growing, though, which probably reflects a broader trend.

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