WinRT-powered Surface 2 gets a $100 price cut

According to the multiverse hypothesis, there's a universe out there where Windows RT was actually successful. There, developers flocked to the ARM-only version of Windows 8, and devices based on it flew off store shelves, selling in respectable numbers compared to the iPad and its Android rivals.

Back in this universe, Microsoft has taken $100 off the WinRT-toting Surface 2. You can now get the device for the low, low price of $349, which still seems like entirely too much for a Windows machine that can't run any good (i.e. x86) apps.

Introduced last September, the Surface 2 is now the only other homebrewed Microsoft tablet on the Microsoft Store besides the Surface Pro 3. It features a 10.6" 1080p screen, a Tegra 4 processor, 32GB of storage, and a 10-hour battery. And it's a little on the heavy side, at 1.49 lbs.

You can also get the Surface 2 with 64GB of storage (now for $449) or with 64GB of storage and LTE connectivity (now for $579). Or you can disregard the $100 cut and spend that money on a proper Windows 8.1 device based on Intel's Bay Trail platform, which will no doubt serve you better.

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