Report: Windows Threshold to feature 'updated Modern UI'

In many ways, Windows Threshold looks set to be a return to the glory days of Windows 7. The rumor mill expects desktop users to enjoy a reinstated Start menu with no Modern UI to clutter things up.

But Windows Threshold may also double down on Modern UI for tablets—and it may have improvements in store for the tile-based interface. So says WinBeta, which claims it "can reveal that Windows Threshold will include an updated Modern UI when it launches in 2015."

The site outlines several new Modern UI features, including live tiles with interactive elements, a notification center (presumably a la Windows Phone 8.1), folders, Microsoft's Cortana digital assistant, and unspecified customization options that will "allow you to further make your Start Screen personal."

WinBeta doesn't expect all of the new elements to make the cut, but it does say the features are intended to "align" Windows Threshold with the competition—that is, iOS and Android. Given that Microsoft is still pretty much an underdog in the tablet market, that kind of alignment may be sorely needed.

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