Bloomberg: 12.9'' iPad coming in 2015

The 13" iPad is coming! No, we swear. It's for real this time.

A year after the Wall Street Journal predicted the jumbo iPad's arrival, Bloomberg has chimed in with word that the device really is on the way—and that production is set to begin in the first quarter of 2015.

The news comes from "people with knowledge of the matter" who "asked not to be identified because the details aren't public." Since Bloomberg is printing those details, there's probably a grain of truth to them. Too bad the sources didn't reveal much beside the tablet's production schedule and 12.9" screen size.

According to Bloomberg, a larger iPad could help Apple make inroads in the enterprise market. The site points out that Apple partnered with IBM recently with the aim of making corporate customers "a catalyst for future iPad growth." Bloomberg also quotes Jitesh Ubrani, a market researcher for IDC, who says the share of tablets being snatched up by business, education, and government customers is growing. Larger tablets are expected to "do better" with those customers, he adds.

A 13", business-focused iPad might wind up looking a lot like Microsoft's Surface Pro 3. I wonder if that means Apple will finally embrace the convertible concept and offer a detachable keyboard. CEO Tim Cook has spoken derisively about convertibles in the past, but Steve Jobs was similarly dismissive of sub-10" tablets, and look where that got us.

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