Steam's in-home streaming accelerated by GeForce GPUs

Steam's in-home streaming feature has been in open beta since May. The scheme streams PC games from one machine to another on a local network, and it should now work better for folks with Nvidia graphics cards. Valve has added support for hardware encoding on GeForce GPUs.

Nvidia says games can be streamed at up to 60 frames per second at 1080p. The speed of one's network connection will likely determine the maximum usable resolution and frame rate, though. That's how it works with Nvidia's Shield devices, which have their own GeForce-accelerated streaming tech. Shield streaming requires a Kepler- or Maxwell-based card, but there's no indication of whether that restriction extends to hardware acceleration in Steam.

Shield streaming works very well on a fast 802.11n Wi-Fi network. Although I haven't tried the Steam alternative, hardware acceleration should enable it to offer comparable video quality and overall responsiveness. We may need to take a closer look at in-home streaming soon, especially given the selection of attractive potential clients out there.

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