Rambus still kicking

— 5:15 PM on August 10, 2001

CNet is reporting that a judge has overturned two counts of fraud against Rambus. While Rambus has to pay some 7 million to Infineon to cover legal costs, and loses the right to pursue further SDRAM litigation against them, DDR is still wide open. This seems to have revitalized Rambus some, as they vow to continue the legal wrangling.

"We are pleased that the record has been set straight on DDR SDRAM," Geoff Tate, Rambus' CEO, said in a statement released on Friday. "However, Rambus still intends to appeal the patent infringement case and the jury verdict on Rambus' behavior at JEDEC with regards to SDRAM."
Despite the economic downturn, I'm betting patent lawyers are seeing a lot of work these days.
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