Corsair's new DDR4 modules are rated for 3300 MT/s

We recently tested Intel's new Haswell-E processor with DDR4 memory clocked as high as 2800MHz. Turns out even that speed is old hat—or just about to be. Corsair has announced a line of Dominator Platinum DDR4 memory kits rated for speeds as high as 3300 MT/s.

The series also includes 3200 MT/s and 3000 MT/s models, all developed in "close collaboration" with Asus. Corsair says that collaboration involved "tuning and validating the memory timings to take advantage of the optimized DRAM layout and UEFI firmware of ASUS's new X99 motherboards."

The announcement doesn't reveal much else in the way of specs, but there's already a listing for a 16GB Dominator Platinum 3200 MT/s quad-channel kit on Corsair's website. The listing mentions a 1.2V operating voltage, 15-15-15-36 timings, XMP 2.0 compatibility, and of course, lifetime warranty coverage.

Corsair says these modules should be available immediately from its "worldwide network of authorized distributors and resellers." They're not listed at Newegg yet, but then again, neither is Haswell-E right now. I guess the old 'egg still needs to update its listings.

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