ATi tries to redefine MAXXimum G-Force

Yesterday both Sharky Extreme and FiringSquad threw up previews of the ATi Rage Fury MAXX. The MAXX is essentially two Rage 128 Pro chips on the same board, combined with 64(!) megs of memory. Preliminary results show it more or less neck and neck with nVidia's GeForce 256 in some cases, and just about wiping the floor with it in others. One example from Sharky's page: in Q3A 32-bit, the MAXX squeaks past the GeForce at 800x600 with 71.4 fps to GeForce's 68.5. Bump the resolution up to 1600x1200, however, and the MAXX whomps the GeForce 23.3 fps to 16.2. But I digress. Go check out the previews for yourself. Here's the Sharky Extreme preview and the FiringSquad preview.
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