New id games announced

Ending weeks of speculation, id finally spilled the goods on some upcoming games using its new DOOM technology. In addition to the new DOOM game, which was just demoed for a second time at QuakeCon, id is working with Raven Software on a fourth installment in the Quake series. The new game will bring things back to a Quake 2-style universe, and will incorporate "Matrix-style effects." Lacking further description, there's really no telling if these effects will be anything like the Bullet Time in Max Payne.

Perhaps more interesting is a second game based on the DOOM tech that's being worked on by Nerve Software. Headed up by former id mapper Brandon James of Q3DM17 fame, Nerve is working on brand new franchise with multiplayer co-op. There's no mention of what kind of theme this new game will have, but I'm sure the prospect of multiplayer co-op, left out of so many of today's heavily scripted games, will raise a few eyebrows.

You can get additional information at GameSpy and The Shack.

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