Nvidia to host 24-hour PC gaming event on September 18

Gaming events aren't unusual for GPU makers. Nvidia used to organize its GeForce LAN every year, and AMD now does its Radeon ExtravaLANza along similar lines.

Nvidia's upcoming Game24 event looks like something of a different caliber altogether, though. Set to kick off at 6PM Pacific Time on September 18, the event will apparently run for 24 hours uninterrupted, and it will take place in multiple cities throughout the world, with a live stream trying it all together. Here's the full spiel from the official page:

On 9.18.14 at 6PM PDT, NVIDIA and the PC Gaming industry are kicking off an unprecedented 24-hour event. The goal of this event is simple – to celebrate this thing we all love called PC gaming. It will be packed with exclusive content, developer interviews, game reveals, give-aways, and more.

We'll travel the globe to physical events in Los Angeles, Shanghai, Stockholm, London, and other locations—as well as to virtual stages around the world—to bring you 24 hours of PC gaming entertainment. Tune in to the livestream, join our physical events, and make sure you're ready to game.

You can sign up to participate in the "main events" in LA, London, and Shanghai—or the "satellite events" in Chicago, Indianapolis, Mission Viejo, and Stockholm—right here. The same link should direct you to the livestream once it starts, although it looks like you might have to register for that, too.

Check this blog post by Nvidia's Tom Petersen for more details and a textual pep talk. I'm still not totally clear on how this will all take shape, but I'm curious to see it. The promise of game reveals is always exciting, too.

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