CoD: Advanced Warfare looks refreshingly old-school

Multiplayer shooters seem to be returning to the genre's roots, and that's apparently true even of the next Call of Duty game. Activision and Sledgehammer Games have posted a seven-minute "deep dive" into Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare's multiplayer, which is surprisingly—and refreshingly—old school. See for yourself:

The dodging and double-jumping maneuvers look straight out of UT 2004, while the action in general seems to be much faster-paced and less reliant on stealth than in previous CoD games. Also, you know, it actually looks fun to play.

I'm guessing the move to a future setting helped with all of that. CoD: Advanced Warfare is supposed to take place in the year 2054, which is sufficiently far off for creativity to trump realism in weapon design, gameplay mechanics, and so on.

This isn't the only new title to harken back to the good old days. Development on a new Unreal Tournament game began last May. The sequel is supposed to be a PC-only, collaboratively designed enterprise that will be "true to its roots as a competitive FPS." Along the same lines, German developer Reakktor Studios is putting the finishing touches on Toxikk, a multiplayer FPS that's supposed to let you "frag like it's 1999." (Thanks to Polygon for the link.)

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