NYT: iPhone 6 has 'one-handed' mode; iWatch has flexible display

Okay, now Apple is making it really hard not to crack wise about leaked celebrity pics. According to the New York Times, the next iPhone—expected to debut on Tuesday—will have a "one-handed" mode. No, really. Quoth the Times:

To deal with concerns that a bigger phone will make typing with one hand difficult (the current iPhone has a 4-inch screen), some changes to the design of the iPhones’ software interface will allow people to type or use apps with just one hand — there will be a one-handed mode that can be switched on and off, two employees said.

One-handed use has been a big part of Apple's rationale for sticking with a relatively small screen size all these years, so the rumor seems plausible. Then again, I don't see how a one-handed mode would work, exactly, unless it involves some kind of bizarro keyboard.

The Times also has some fresh dirt on the iWatch, which it says will have a "flexible display panel," a protective sapphire cover, and wireless charging capability. "[M]ultiple employees for Apple and its partners who were briefed on the products shared some details on the condition that they not be identified," the paper says.

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