Friday night topic: The Fontening is upon us!

It's possible you may have noticed that things look at little bit... not the same around here right now compared to earlier today and, you know, quite a while before that. We have indeed tweaked the site's CSS in order to improve readability and rendering across a broad range of browsers.

I have to admit, I liked our old look and didn't really want to change, but we've been tracking some issues with the site's layout in modern browsers for a while now. We weren't using downloadable fonts, so what you'd get from one browser to the next was somewhat unpredictable and pretty widely varied, depending on what typeface got used.

A lot of our fonts were pretty small, too, which presented some readability and clickability problems.

Also, the site's core typography just didn't translate well to DirectWrite rendering in Windows. The final shoe dropped recently when Chrome made the transition from GDI rendering to DirectWrite, and TR suddenly looked blurry and kind of sad in our own default browsers. We had to make a change.

So Cyril worked quickly this week to make it happen, and we have freshened up the entire look of TR—and, I think, greatly improved its readability—without changing our core web design.

I'd encourage you to poke around a little, maybe read some articles, and check out the comments and the front page. Oh, and the subscriber badges in the comments have been freshened up and re-positioned so they don't interfere with nested threading. Although it may take a short while to adjust, I think the improvement is appreciable.

I'm sure some of you disagree, so I decided, heck, why not make this the Friday night topic? The Fontening is upon is, and everything has changed—subtly, perhaps, but still. Discuss!

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