AU Optronics panel to combine IPS tech, 144Hz refresh

The first 144Hz G-Sync monitors are here, and they're amazing. Unfortunately, they're also based on TN panels. TN tech may have gotten a heck of a lot better in recent years, but it's still not quite up to par with IPS.

Happily, we might soon get 144Hz G-Sync goodness and IPS image quality in the same monitor. TFTCentral reports that AU Optronics is developing a 144Hz panel based on AHVA technology, which the site describes as "IPS-mode" and "very comparable" to other IPS types—even in the viewing angles department, where TN usually falls short.

The panel has a 27" diagonal, a 2560x1440 resolution, and an sRGB color gamut. Horizontal and vertical viewing angles are 178°, just like on any self-respecting IPS panel. And the rated contrast and brightness are pretty darned good, too, at 1000:1 and 350 cd/m².

According to TFTCentral, this messiah of panels will enter production in September. The site doesn't say when the promised one will actually grace us with its presence, but if previous holy births are any indication, perhaps we'll see something around Christmas. I'll keep my eye out for a new star in the night sky, in any case. (Thanks to TR reader SH SOTN for the heads up on this one.)

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