Dell's 5K desktop display is the new king of megapixels

After years of complaining about the dearth of high-PPI desktop displays, PC users are finally getting their due—and then some. The market is slowly filling out with 4K monitors, some of which are quite affordable. Later this year, Dell will kick things up a notch with what it claims is the world's first "5K" display. This latest UltraSharp crams an incredible 5120x2880 resolution into a 27" frame.

The so-called 5K resolution has 14.7 megapixels, an increase of 78% over the 3840x2160 resolution typical of 4K gear. On a 27-incher, the pixel density works out to 218 PPI, which is roughly equivalent to the 15" Macbook Pro's Retina display. A 4K resolution spread over the same panel size delivers just 163 PPI.

Although the press release is short on nitty-gritty details, Maximum PC notes that the monitor requires dual DisplayPort 1.2 inputs to run at full resolution, suggesting there's some dual-tile mojo going on under the hood. The site also quotes a color depth of one billion hues, though there's no confirmation on how many of those colors are achieved with dithering or what sort of panel technology is involved. Given the $2500 price tag, I doubt this is a TN display.

The official images posted on Dell's site indicate that the UltraSharp will rotate to a portrait orientation. Dual 16W speakers are also on the menu along with a non-reflective screen coating, a media card reader, and a six-port USB hub. Expect this monster to start selling in the fourth quarter of the year.

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