Tomorrow's laptops could dock and charge without a single wired connection

IDF — We now take wireless networking for granted, but at IDF San Francisco today, Intel previewed a future in which laptops and other devices may not need wired connections for, well, almost anything.

In an on-stage demo, the firm showed a laptop that docked with nearby displays and peripherals automatically using Wireless Gigabit networking tech.

Taking things a step further, they then showed a wireless charging station mounted beneath a two-inch-thick wooden desktop. When a tablet was placed on top of the desk, it detected the wireless power source and began charging. The demo's presenter indicated that the wireless charging tech, which is based on magnetic resonance, can supply power to multiple devices simultaneously and can even provide enough juice to charge a laptop.

Intel is on the board of the Alliance for Wireless Power and will be pushing both a wireless charging standard and Wireless Gigabit networking for future products. My guess is that both technologies could first be integrated into the Skylake generation of systems, but we'll have to see how things progress.

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