Skylake reference designs have wireless charging, WiGig networking

During yesterday's IDF keynote, Intel demoed mobile systems with wireless charging and WiGig networking. Scott surmised that those features could be integrated into the Skylake generation of systems, and it turns out he was right. During a subsequent IDF "mega session" on reinventing the PC, Intel General Manager Kirk Skaugen confirmed that wireless charging and Wireless Gigabit connectivity will both be part of Skylake reference designs for developers.

Intel is evidently serious about cutting cords wherever it can. It's not alone, either. Skaugen announced some new additions to the Rezence Alliance for Wireless Power, including Emirates Airlines, which pledged to put charging pads on its planes. Some of the biggest names in the technology business are already part of the alliance.

In addition to wireless charging and WiGig networking, LTE connectivity and RealSense 3D cameras will be part of Skylake reference rigs. Developers will get their hands on the machines in the first half of 2015, Skaugen said, and actual products are due in the second half.

There's no guarantee that every Skylake system will employ all the bells and whistles in the reference designs. However, some features could be required for ultrabook classification.

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