Leaked shots show Windows 9 Technical Preview UI

Rumor has it that a public preview of Windows 9 is due out later this month. Now, we know what it might look like. German site Computerbase has posted 20 screenshots of what it claims to be a build of the Windows 9 Technical Preview.

The erste Bilder on the site show windowed modern UI apps, multiple desktops, and of course, the reinstated Start menu, which Microsoft first demoed in April. That's not all, though. The shots also reveal some tweaks to the core desktop UI, including a different window design with a thicker title bar, thinner borders, and much larger drop shadows. I'm also seeing some new, flatter icons in Windows Explorer and a notifications widget in the system tray.

The larger title bar probably makes sense for touch-enabled systems. Various reports have suggested that the full-screen Modern UI interface will be inaccessible on desktop PCs, and there's a fair number of touch-enabled desktop all-in-ones out there. Those systems may be the casualties of the failed experiment that was Windows 8's marriage of desktop and Modern UI.

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