Windows 9 preview's Start menu caught on video

Those crafty Germans are getting all the Windows 9 scoops lately. On the heels of ComputerBase's screenshot gallery, WinFuture has posted a video of the revived Start menu in the upcoming Windows 9 Technical Preview. Und siehe da!

The menu looks a little different from what Microsoft demoed back in April. The Modern UI styling is more pervasive, and elements of the Start screen have been included. The video also shows how one goes about adding new tiles and rearranging or resizing existing ones, which works about as you'd expect. There's even an instance of a Modern UI app being opened and loading in a nice, small window.

The most interesting part, though, is at the end. It looks like you can choose to use either the Start menu or the Start screen by ticking a checkbox in the Taskbar and Start Menu Properties control panel. But even with the Start screen enabled, Modern UI apps still load with window frames on the desktop. Hmm.

According to the rumor mill, Microsoft plans to make the Windows 9 Technical Preview available to the public on September 30.

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