Kodak tames MS, gets XP camera changes

I didn't think they could do it, but Kodak has managed to pressure Microsoft into changing its plans for Windows XP digital camera handling. As is Microsoft's fashion, MS had planned to make its own image processing software pop up by default when a digital camera was connected a computer. Consumers would be steered to MS's stable of online photo processing outfits, who would pay for placement in WinXP. Kodak, who helped Microsoft develop standards for such software, had a fit. Having seen this happen so many times before, I figured MS would roll right over Kodak's objections and go on to dominate that market.

Looks like Microsoft was finally picking on someone its own size. Kodak seems to have gotten Microsoft to change its plans by raising concerns with New York Senator Charles Schumer. Now that MS and Kodak have declared a truce, Kodak has called off its lapdog:

Kodak also plans to pull back some of the pressure it placed on Charles Schumer, a Democratic senator from New York, to question whether Windows XP's photo features are anticompetitive.
Now Kodak is free to—get this—pursue its work with Time Warner AOL on the "You've Got Pictures" service. Remember, folks: it ain't a monopoly if there are two.
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