Nvidia gears up for Game24; AMD asks fans to crash the party

With two days to go until the festivities begin, Nvidia is hyping up prospective attendees for its Game24 event. But AMD is apparently determined not to let its competitor hog the spotlight.

Yesterday, Nvidia posted a long list of what's in store for the 24-hour event, including interviews with a dozen game studios, contests between eSports teams, a concurrent modding competition, and prize giveaways with $50,000 worth of goodies up for grabs. Earlier this morning, the company also revealed that several celebrities will be present at the event. Among them: Jason Mewes (a.k.a. Jay from Jay and Silent Bob), famed cosplayer Chloe Dykstra, Grant Imahara of MythBusters, and Kurt Sutter, creator of Sons of Anarchy.

Perhaps more interestingly, the latest teaser mentions "new product announcements" in store from both Nvidia itself and game publishers. There may be some real meat in there for us journalists.

Meanwhile, according to Forbes contributor Jason Evangelho, AMD has e-mailed 15,000 of its fans asking them—quite literally—to crash Nvidia's party this week.

The e-mail starts off by saying AMD is "intrigued" that "another graphics products company" is staging an event similar to its own AMD30Live. The message then adds that fans are "warmly encouraged" to attend the Nvidia event and represent the red team. It goes on to say:

On Sept 18th and 19th we’ll be watching the #Game24 hashtag and the @AMDRadeon twitter channel for pictures of you in attendance at the events, proudly wearing your favorite red T-shirt. Boldly tweet pictures of yourself wearing your colors while at these events, and we’ll send some love your way. The funnier and more inventive the photos, the better – remember, this is a celebration! Make sure to mention @AMDRadeon so we can find your posts easily.

The e-mail went out to members of the Red Team, a social media group of AMD fans. You can read a full transcript in the Forbes story. Though the missive apparently doesn't promise anything specific, Evangelho says he has it on "good authority" that AMD will reward participating fans with free Radeon graphics cards.

AMD effectively confirmed Evangelho's story yesterday, albeit with a more diplomatic turn of phrase:

However AMD chooses to define it, this looks to be a bold PR stunt in the making. I'm curious to see how Nvidia handles it.

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