Tubular scaffolding surrounds In Win's D-Frame Mini chassis

In Win makes some of the most outlandish PC cases around. The company's latest creation isn't an entirely new design—it's Mini-ITX spin on an existing mid-tower—but the result is no less striking. Check out the D-Frame Mini:

Source: In Win

This semi-open enclosure is bounded by a tubular aluminum frame with fat pipes and beefy welds. Rubber bumpers line the frame's exterior, allowing the case to be propped up in multiple orientations. System components attach to aluminum plates and brackets inside the chassis, while tempered glass side panels offer a tinted view of the interior. A knurled carrying handle is also integrated into the scaffolding.

The frame measures 16" x 9" x 19.7", which is a little on the chunky side for Mini-ITX builds. Still, there's enough room inside for ATX PSUs up to 8.7" long and double-wide graphics cards up to 13.4". The maximum height for graphics cards is 5.9", and based on the layout, I'd expect a similar ceiling restriction on CPU coolers. Good thing the dual 120-mm fan mounts at the bottom can accept a double-length radiators.

Storage bays are plentiful, with three 3.5"/2.5" hybrids and two bays reserved for 2.5-inchers. The spec sheet doesn't mention support for slim or 5.25" optical drives, which probably won't be missed.

Source: In Win

The matte black version of the D-Frame Mini will be available first, followed by red and orange variants. Unfortunately, there's no indication of the asking price or expected street date. In Win's premium cases tend to be fairly expensive, so don't hold your breath for a bargain. Do, however, peruse the additional images in the gallery below.

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