Custom mechanical switches line Logitech's G910 gaming keyboard

Logitech is the latest keyboard maker with its own mechanical switch design. The proprietary Romer-G switches have the same 45-g actuation force as Cherry MX red and brown switches, but their 1.5-mm actuation point is slightly shallower, which should make for a quicker response. There's no mention of a tactile "bump" at actuation, suggesting the stroke is fully linear, just like with MX red and black switches.

The Romer-G switches are debuting in Logitech's new G910 Orion Spark, which is claimed to be the most advanced mechanical gaming keyboard in the world. (Add your own movie-trailer voiceover.) I'm not so sure about that assertion, but the G910 certainly looks well equipped. It has sculpted key caps, nine programmable buttons, three configuration profiles, two different palm rests, and the usual array of media-specific buttons. There's even an integrated smartphone stand.

Source: Logitech

The backlighting is pretty slick, too. Users can choose each key's color from a palette of 16.8 million hues. As far as I can tell, the LEDs are mounted on the surface of the board instead of on the switches themselves. A "light pipe" channels the glow into the key cap, purportedly providing more even illumination than traditional backlights. This approach is also supposed to cut down on light bleed between the keys.

With a $179.99 asking price, the G910 Orion Spark certainly isn't cheap. The custom keys are supposed to be more durable than Cherry MX units, though, and the promise of quicker actuation could appeal to serious gamers. Expect to see the G910 on sale in November.

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