AOC's new backlight tech saves your eyeballs from harmful wavelengths

A lot of us spend the majority of our waking hours staring at LCD displays. That's tough on the eyes for various reasons, including the fact that LED backlights can emit short-wave blue light in the 380-450 nm range. These emissions are a possible "contributor to vision impairments," according to monitor maker AOC, which has developed a technique to reduce the damaging output. The simply named Anti-Blue Light technology will debut this year in a new line of 76V Series monitors.

Source: AOC

AOC claims its backlight tuning can reduce short-wave emissions by 90% "without dimming or distorting colors." The tweaks apparently involve "a new LED technology that shifts the wavelength peak of the LED backlight from 450 nm to 460 nm, moving it out of the range which is considered harmful."

The technology sounds intriguing, but the press release is short on details. So is AOC's website, which makes no mention of blue light reduction at all. If the changes are limited to the backlight, they should at least be compatible with different panel types, like IPS and TN. There doesn't seem to be any reason for conflict with higher resolutions or dynamic refresh rates.

Apart from providing a nebulous family name, AOC doesn't say what sort of displays will be first to cut their blue light output. It will be interesting to see if their color reproduction is really unaffected—and if there's an accompanying reduction in eye strain.

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