Xbone controller for Windows is coming; still isn't wireless

Using the Xbox One controller with Windows has been possible since early June, but it requires a USB cable. In November, Microsoft plans to market a version of the gamepad aimed specifically at PC users. It's called the Xbox One Controller + Cable for Windows—and in case the model name isn't clear enough, no, it still won't work wirelessly with PCs.

"Connect with cable on your PC," says the Microsoft Store product page, hammering the point home. "Play wired or wirelessly on your Xbox One delivering a flexible gaming experience." To add insult to injury, the page includes the following picture:

Yep, that guy sure looks like he's having a blast, with his scented candles and Windows tablet and wired Xbox One controller. I'd be pretty happy, too, if the idea of playing PC games on the living-room TV had never crossed my mind.

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