Curved VA panel powers 27'' Samsung monitor

I guess curved PC monitors are a thing now. Samsung is the latest to join the party with the S27D590C, a concave 27-incher that "matches the natural curve of the human eye." The gentle bow is supposed to ensure a "nearly uniform" viewing distance between the user and any region of the screen—provided they're positioned front and center, anyway.

As it turns out, sitting directly in front of the display isn't strictly necessary. The monitor's VA panel boasts wide 178° viewing angles that should deliver good picture quality for a range of positions. Too bad the 1080p resolution is a little low for the screen size; the resulting pixel density is just 82 PPI.

Source: Samsung

The display has a 350 cd/m² luminance rating, 3000:1 contrast ratio, and 4-ms gray-to-gray response time. DisplayPort, HDMI, and old-school VGA inputs can be found around back along with a VESA-compatible mounting bracket. Dual 5W speakers are integrated, too, but you're probably not interested in them.

You probably are interested in variable refresh rates, but they're not mentioned in the press release or product page, suggesting the panel is locked at 60Hz. Bummer. For what it's worth, the display does have a special gaming mode that "intelligently detects on-screen changes and corrects blurry images, enhances colors and alters contrast for improved visibility of in-game action." I think I'd rather have G-Sync or FreeSync support—and a higher resolution.

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