Micro Center selling AOC's 24'' G-Sync monitor for $450

AOC announced its 24" G-Sync monitor back in June. The display was scheduled to arrive in Europe the following month, and it's finally available stateside. Micro Center is selling the G2460PG for only $449.99 right now. That's easily the lowest price we've seen on a monitor with variable refresh tech.

Source: AOC

The G2460PG can refresh its 1080p panel at up to 144Hz. The 160° vertical viewing angle suggests the screen is based on TN tech, which is to be expected given the pricing—and the high peak refresh rate. (IPS displays typically don't support refresh rates above 60Hz.) Other specs include a 350 cd/m² brightness rating, 1000:1 contrast ratio, and 1-ms response time.

Although AOC claims the screen produces 16.7 million colors, it's unclear whether the panel is a native 8-bit implementation. Those do exist in the TN realm, but that color depth is more commonly achieved by combining a 6-bit panel with some form of dithering. Either way, the screen is probably more appropriate for gaming than photo editing or graphic design.

Input is limited to a single DisplayPort connector, but the G2460PG isn't a barebones affair. It has an integrated USB hub that supports SuperSpeed transfer rates and fast-charging devices. There's a 100-mm VESA mount on the back, and the stand offers height, swivel, tilt, and rotation adjustments. All in all, it seems like a reasonably complete package for $450.

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