Sleeping Dogs goes online in PC-exclusive Triad Wars

United Front Games is working on a free-to-play addition to the Sleeping Dogs universe. Dubbed Triad Wars, the online multiplayer game combines the open-world action of the original with new RPG and strategy elements. Players will assume the role of triad gangsters battling for control over Hong Kong.

There's a promo trailer, of course, but the footage has more developer interviews than actual gameplay. See for yourself:

At least the concept sounds intriguing. Design Director Steve Ferreira provided more details during a Reddit AMA yesterday. He described the game as an "action/strategy/rpg" hybrid with "all the great action mechanics from Sleeping Dogs" plus "strategy based empire building."

When asked about PvP combat, Ferreira said "you'll be playing against real players online asynchronously." Sounds like Sleeping Dogs' satisfying combination of beatdowns and gunplay will be largely intact, right down to the computer-controlled opponents the player will face. The PvP elements will presumably be limited to strategic altercations.

Triad Wars is a PC exclusive, according to PC Gamer, and it's expected to be released early next year. Since I quite liked Sleeping Dogs, I'm curious to see how this new spin on the franchise pans out. Aspiring kung fu hustlers can sign up for the closed beta right here.

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