New Zealand A-OK on Y2K

Yes, it's 2000 in New Zealand, and nothing major has busted yet. Check out their government's Y2K management page for info.

There is a little more web traffic than usual, but network performance seems to be acceptable, still.

I did run across an interesting report form a Linux-based ISP in New Zealand. Here's an excerpt:

20:46 - This site is being set up to allow other small, Linux based ISP's to see the experiences of Web InterNet over Y2k. Web Internet is based in Auckland, New Zealand, and as such will be among the first to see the sunrise.

This site will be updated only with significant (service affecting) information about ISP stuff in NZ - phone lines, power, Linux programs in use etc. It is likely that information will be updated between 12:00 and 1:00am.

The site is to be information based, so don't expect pretty graphics.

23:55 Personal Slakware box that was 10 minutes fast has made it fine into the new millenium (so far). HTTPD, SSH, Netscape all work (wow. big suprise)

23:59 Techo's radio stopped. No reason why !!! Just stopped. Mine is working OK still.

00:02 All OK still. No power dip. Cell phone still connected!! Netsaint reports all OK !! Going to go check for anything unusual...

00:03 Techo's radio is back. HTTPD Ok. land line works and GSM OK
Fireworks display a washout. Web surfing works therefore :

Transparent proxying under Linux OK.
HUBS, SWITCHES, Network cable made it unscathed.
Linux boxes all OK. 00:04 Phone system seems slightly overloaded. Works 10/11 times !!!

No incidents reported accross the grid - power, gas, electricity and all the rest OK so far.

00:05 NT Workstation 4, service pack 6a still OK (x2). - Yuk.

00:13 Nokia 5110 and Ericcson GH388 cellphones rolled over with no problems. Power still OK, however generator running just to be sure.

00:16 Several large MySQL databases roll over with no problems. Haven't seen anything major yet. Will keep updating.

Initial reports from Japan sound positive, as well.
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