Report: Nexus 6 phone may be a giant phablet

Waiting for the Nexus 6? You might want to start by getting some bigger pockets. 9to5Google claims to have the dirt on the latest Nexus 6 prototype, and it says the device features a humongous 5.92" display.

If the report is true, then the Nexus 6 is larger than both the iPhone 6 Plus, which has a 5.5" screen, and the Samsung Galaxy Note 3, which is outfitted with a 5.7" panel. The Nexus 6's rumored 2560x1440 resolution would also yield a much higher pixel density than on those devices: almost 500 PPI.

Under the hood, 9to5Google says the Nexus 6 packs a Snapdragon 805 processor, 3GB of RAM, and an appropriately beefy 3,200 mAh battery. The Nexus 6 is reportedly from Motorola stock and designed to look like a jumbo Moto X, albeit with small design tweaks (including relocated lock and volume buttons) to keep it from being too unwieldy.

The 9to5Google folks cite a "device" they're "directly familiar with" as the source of their information, which tells me they might have access to a prototype. Happily, though, the site notes that 5.2" versions of the Nexus 6 have also popped up in benchmark apps, and "it's hard to deny that those must be real prototypes somewhere in the wild." Even a 5.2" phone would be fairly large, but I'd still take it over a 5.92" behemoth.

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