New video shows more of Euclideon's voxel rendering mojo

You may have seen our writeup about Euclideon yesterday. The company's technology couples voxels with 3D-scanned data from the real world, and the results are pretty compelling.

The firm has now posted a new video that shows its voxel-infused graphics in greater detail. Take a look:

Yep. Still very impressive. The church model looks particularly lifelike—although I'd expect no less, given the size of the compressed point-cloud data: 3.8GB, according to Euclideon CEO Bruce Dell. The outdoor environment has some rough edges here and there, but I'd expect 3D-scanned scenes like these to get smoothed out and prettied up by artists once Euclideon's technology makes it into games next year.

Check out the image gallery from yesterday's article for some screenshots of these environments.

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