Friday night topic: How do you manage your storage?

Most folks these days have many gigabytes, if not terabytes, of personal and family data to manage: pictures, videos, financial info, and so on. Storage capacities for media of all sorts keep growing, but so does the demand, as I noted earlier today. Keeping up with all of it, and making sure your most treasured data is safe, will take some planning and effort.

When I think about it, it's kind of amazing how complex my setup for dealing with storage really is. I employ a series of measures in a rough hierarchy, starting with a 2TB RAID 1 array, moving up through offline backups via Macrim Reflect (which you can get at a nice discount when you subscribe to TR) and a hard-drive dock, to off-site storage and various cloud services for mobile data.

I'm really not confident that I'm doing all of the right things, mostly because I still need to find a place in the cloud for the most critical portions of my data. I'm close, though—and way better off than many of my friends and acquaintances.

So here's the question of the evening: how do you manage your storage? Do you have a home NAS server? A cloud service? Both? All and more? Lay it out for us. I'm curious to see what strategies combine maximum protection with minimal hassle and expense.


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