Microsoft Indonesia President: Windows 9 will be free for Win8 users

Got Windows 8? If so, the next version of Windows may not cost you a dime. That's according to Microsoft Indonesia President Andreas Diantoro, who spilled the beans to Indonesian site detikInet last Thursday.

The Google translation is a little shaky, but it seems straightforward enough. Windows 9 "can be obtained free of charge when it is released later," it reads, "[p]rovided that users already have Windows 8 already installed on his device." Folks who don't already have Windows 8, on the other hand, will be "obliged to buy Windows 9."

Diantoro also suggests Windows 9 will be "installed automatically." At the very least, it sounds like the upgrade process might mirror that of Windows 8.1.

This is the second time one of Microsoft's international chiefs has revealed details ahead of the company's September 30 Windows event. Last week, Microsoft France President Alain Crozier pretty much confirmed that the new operating system will be called Windows 9—and that it will be unveiled tomorrow.

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