VR-Zone posts purported Broadwell-U specs, anticipates CES debut

The first Broadwell processors will debut later this year as part of the Core M family. These Broadwell-Y chips will have 4.5W TDP ratings, and they'll mostly take root in ultra-slim tablets and convertibles. According to VR-Zone's Chinese alter-ego, those chips will be followed by Broadwell-U variants set to debut at the Consumer Electronics Show early next year. The site has posted purported specifications for more than a dozen Broadwell-U processors ranging from budget Celerons to high-end Core i7s with Iris graphics.

Although the leaked specs provide few details on the integrated graphics, they do suggest Intel's top-of-the-line IGP will be dubbed Iris Graphics 6100. The IGP will reportedly scale up to 1100MHz, while the CPU will hit speeds as high as 3.4GHz with Turbo. One of the charts is mislabeled, but it looks like the processor will support memory speeds up to 1866MHz with DDR3 RAM and 1600MHz with low-power DDR3L memory.

The standard Broadwell-U variants are listed with HD Graphics 6000 and 5500. Those onboard GPUs will only range up to 1000MHz, according to the spec tables, and they'll likely differ from Iris implementations in other ways. The standard CPUs otherwise appear similar to their Iris-equipped siblings, but the clock speeds are slightly lower, with Turbo frequencies topping out at 3.2GHz.

A handful of Pentium and Celeron processors appear at the bottom of the lineup. If the leaked details are accurate, these models should have even lower clock speeds and downgraded Intel HD Graphics. They're listed with the same 15W TDP as all the other Broadwell-U offerings, though.

The Consumer Electronics Show begins on January 6, so Broadwell-based ultrabooks could only be a few months out. It will be interesting to see how long it takes systems based on the chips to show up on store shelves rather than the trade-show floor.

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