Chinese vendor preps $81 tablet with Bay Trail and Windows 8

Windows 8 tablets keep getting cheaper and cheaper. An official post in the forums of Chinese device maker PiPO indicates that the firm is prepping a Work-W4 slate that will sell for only ¥499—the equivalent of just $81 using today's exchange rate.

Although I'd hesitate to call the specifications impressive, they're pretty surprising given the price. The tablet is based on an 8" IPS display with a 1280x800 resolution. It has a quad-core Bay Trail chip similar to the one in Asus' Transformer Book T100 Win8 convertible, so it should have enough pep to handle a full-fat Windows OS. That said, the processor is limited to 1GB of RAM, and the storage capacity is capped at 16GB. Most of the onboard flash is likely monopolized by the operating system.

Source: PiPO

Despite its bargain-basement price tag, the Work-W4 has dual cameras and Bluetooth built in. The battery is rated for 4500 mAh, but there's no word on run times. It's also unclear whether the device uses the standard version of Win8 or a Bing-infused version that makes Microsoft's search engine the default. Either way, PiPO shouldn't be paying for the OS; Windows is free of charge on devices under 9". Given Intel's contra-revenue efforts in the tablet space, PiPO is probably getting a nice deal on the processor, as well.

As we saw with Asus' similarly equipped Memo Pad ME176CE, budget Bay Trail hardware can deliver a decent experience in Android. I'm curious to see how Windows 8 fares on a comparable device—and whether uber-cheap slates like the Work-W4 will make their way stateside. Thanks to TechRadar for the tip.

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