Truly, this is the funkiest motherboard known to man

If you haven't read Geoff's review of the Gigabyte X99-UP4 motherboard, you missed one of the most epic moments in Geoff's epic career of mobo reviewage. You see, the UP4 includes a truly funky feature, and Geoff just ran with it. Here's what he says about it:

Gigabyte ships the UD4 with a cushioned I/O shield that's infused with LEDs. The board has extra LEDs, too, and the lighting can be set to flash in time with audio piped through the onboard stereo output. Grab a glow stick, drop a tab of E, and let your dilated pupils take in the show.

And here's the video he created to demonstrate:

I can neither confirm nor deny whether a tab of E was actually dropped during the production of this video.

Honestly, I never thought anything would threaten the AOpen vacuum tube board's title of "funkiest mobo," but I think we may have a new champion.

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