I'll be on The WAN Show with LinusTech this evening

If you're looking for some entertainment this evening, you might want to tune in to The WAN Show to see me attempt cogent conversation on video. I may go down in a ball of incoherent flames, but even that should be entertaining.

The show starts at 4:30pm PT/6:30pm CT and runs for 90 minutes. I should be joining them around 5PM PT/7PM CT. We'll be talking about whatever's news, I think, including the GeForce GTX 980.

You can come back here to watch the show in the viewer below, or you can head over to the Twitch channel for the full experience.

Watch live video from LinusTech on www.twitch.tv

I'll try to post an archived version of the show after the fact if it's not too painfully embarrassing.

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