Radeon R9 290, 290X prices slashed amid tight GeForce supply

When Nvidia introduced its GeForce GTX 970 and 980 graphics cards a few weeks ago, we were told by a trusted source that AMD would respond with Radeon price cuts. And now it has. According to TweakTown, the official price for the Radeon R9 290 has dropped from $399 to $299, while the 290X has been slashed from $549 to $399.

Although not all e-tailers and card makers have adopted the discounts just yet, there are already several Radeons selling at the lower prices. Newegg has three R9 290 cards at $299.99, plus a handful of more exotic variants in the $330-370 range. That vendor also lists three 290X cards for $399.99, along with several more from $410-460. There are pricier examples, too, but those will presumably come down in the coming days.

The discounts don't appear to have affected TigerDirect's listings just yet, but Amazon has a couple of R9 290s for $299.99 and one 290X for $399.99. A few slightly more expensive versions are listed in addition to several much pricier ones that apparently haven't been affected by the price drop.

The Radeon discounts are particularly timely because their primary competition appears to be in rather short supply. The GeForce GTX 970 is supposed to sell for $329, and while Newegg has numerous listings at that price, all of them are out of stock. The same goes for the GTX 980, which is selling at its $549 MSRP—but completely out of stock. Most of the GTX 970 and 980 cards selling at Amazon are out of stock or heavily marked up, too, and TigerDirect doesn't even list the GTX 980. That vendor does have two 970s available for $329.99, though.

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