Report: AMD prepping ARM-based Amur tablet chip for late 2015

We already know a little bit about AMD's plans to offer ARM-based processors—first with its Seattle server chip this year, then via Project SkyBridge in 2015. Now, the rumor mongers in Taiwan are adding some detail to those broad brush strokes.

A recent DigiTimes story talks about a chip code-named Amur, which the site describes as a "heterogeneous system architecture (HSA) Android-specific tablet platform based on ARM Cortex-A57." Quoting sources in Taiwan's supply chain, the site adds that Amur is presently undergoing "internal testing" and is scheduled to launch in the third quarter of 2015.

The Cortex-A57 mentioned here is the same 64-bit ARMv8 core that powers Seattle. As for the HSA label, that's a given with SkyBridge, which is meant to usher in pin-compatible ARM- and x86-based silicon with shared building blocks. The shared building blocks will include not just the bits and pieces required for HSA support, but also AMD's GCN graphics architecture.

On Android, Amur may face off against Intel's x86 Cherry Trail platform, which DigiTimes expects to be unveiled in the first quarter of next year. As an ARM-based offering, though, Amur may be pitted more directly against other ARM-based SoCs from Qualcomm, Nvidia, and the like.

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