OnePlus One smartphone survives simulated sit, drop, and rainfall tests

The topic of smartphone durability has been in the news of late, prompting Chinese handset maker OnePlus to show off the stress tests used to validate its One "flagship killer." The quad-core device combines a Snapdragon SoC with a 5.5" 1080p display, 3GB of RAM, up to 64GB of storage, and CyanogenMod's latest spin on Android. It's also put through a diverse collection of pressure, impact, and environmental tests displayed in the following video:

Folks who have been following "bendgate" will want to pay attention to the sit test, which applies 55 lbs (25 kg) of force 1000 times. The load is only applied for a few seconds, though, and the handset is suspended in what appears to be some sort of denim hammock. I'm not sure that accurately simulates the stresses associated with prolonged seating in an actual chair.

OnePlus' other quality tests involve dropping the handset from various heights, tossing it around inside a tumbling chamber, and stressing the headphone and USB connectors. The One is also subjected to four hours of 55°C temperatures and, more impressively, it's soaked by 10 minutes of simulated rainfall. Despite lacking IPX certification for water resistance, the device seems to survive the shower unaffected.

Although the OnePlus One is available on an invite-only basis right now, there are plans to bring the device to a wider audience through a pre-order program slated to begin later this month. I'll be watching that program closely, because the One is already on my short list for a smartphone upgrade. Its apparent water resistance would be a godsend in the wet fall and winter weather that typically blankets the Pacific Northwest. Hopefully, Google's rumored Nexus 6 will be just as comfortable out in the elements. Thanks to VR-Zone for the tip.

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