Report: AMDs' next-gen Carrizo-L APU coming in December

I guess someone at DigiTimes must have gotten a peek at an AMD roadmap. On the heels of the site's recent story about AMD's Amur chip, DigiTimes now has dirt on the company's next-gen Carrizo APU, which it says we may first see in December.

The December launch time frame sounds tentative, and it applies only to Carrizo-L, a pared-down version of the APU that will reportedly replace Beema and Mullins in low-power notebooks and tablets. The full-fledged version of Carrizo, which is expected to replace Kaveri in desktops and full-sized notebooks, won't appear until March 2015, DigiTimes says.

As far as specs go, the site notes that Carrizo will feature quad cores based on AMD's upcoming Excavator architecture. That's in line with what we've been hearing since last December, when the rumor mill also predicted that Carrizo would fit in existing Socket FM2+ motherboards. Later reports have also suggested that Carrizo's memory controller may support both DDR3 and DDR4 RAM, and that the chip itself could have on-package memory—perhaps not unlike the AMD APU inside the Xbox One.

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