Darth VIA's KT266 USB problem

Kyle at the HardOCP has been gathering information about an issue with overclocking the KT266 chipset. "All" makes of the KT266 at bus speeds above 138MHz lose their USB functionality. The problem had previously been rumored, but now MSI has made an update to their website, here. It seems they aren't too shy about laying the blame squarely on VIA. They claim the USB problem is a "limitation" (read: bug) within the chipset.
Q. When overclocking above 138Mhz using K7T266 Pro (MS-6380), USB controller wont work, why?

A. This is chipset limitation when overclocking above 138MHz

The only solution at present is using a PCI USB card. The KT266 design sports the new 8233 south bridge chip. The 8233, like the older 686A and 686B chips, controls the USB functions of the motherboard. I haven't heard anyone mention similiar difficulty on the Apollo Pro 266 boards, which also shares the 8233. The problem could be caused by interaction between the south bridge chip and the KT266 north bridge.

Is VIA sporting more major bugs per chipset than their competitors, or do they simply meet closer scrutiny than AMD, ALi, and Intel?

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