Updated: 12'' Retina MacBook Air reportedly hits production; iPad Air 2 pictured

Rumors about a 12" MacBook Air with a Retina display have been swirling for at least a year. Now, finally, the system may be about to materialize. DigiTimes says it's heard from folks in Taiwan's supply chain that the 12" MacBook Air has entered production.

Production reportedly kicked off at Quanta Computer, one of Taiwan's notebook manufacturers, in "small volumes" earlier this month. DigiTimes expects Quanta to "gradually increase output beginning [in] November," setting the stage for a possible holiday-season launch. The limited production (which the site attributes to unsatisfactory yields) may push the system's arrival into next year, however.

In other Apple news, pictures of what's claimed to be an iPad Air 2 model have turned up on Vietnamese blog Tinhte.vn. The device in the pics has a slightly thinner frame than the current iPad Air. It also has a Touch ID sensor and, from the look of it, no side switch—just volume up and down buttons.

According to AppleInsider, Apple is planning to unveil new iPads and an iMac with a Retina display on October 16. I wonder if we'll hear about the new MacBook Air then, too.

Update: AppleInsider reports that Apple has sent out invitations for a "special event" on October 16.

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