Kingdom Come: Deliverance is a ''realistic'' RPG built with CryEngine

Medieval role-playing games tend to be set in fantasy worlds filled with magic, dragons, and other fictional flourishes. Kingdom Come: Deliverance takes a different tack. The upcoming PC game is billed as a "realistic open world first person medieval RPG." The key word there is "realistic," and the graphics certainly live up to it. Check out the early alpha teaser:

Built with CryEngine tech, Deliverance promises unlimited viewing distances, high-def textures on "all objects," and a dynamic environment with different weather condition as well as day and night cycles. The controls are similar to those of first-person shooters, according to developer Warhorse, but the physics-based combat system has a few interesting twists. For example, striking an opponent will affect not only the target, but also the attacker's hands and weapon. Taking on multiple assailants without backup isn't advised, though it sounds like larger battles will be part of the game.

Like other RPGs, Deliverance complements the main story with side quests. Crafting is on the menu along with branching dialog trees, skill development, and an "advanced reputation and law system" that defines how the world reacts to the player's actions. Character customization options abound, of course.

The first act of Kingdom Come: Deliverance is slated to hit PCs and consoles by the end of 2015. Folks who back the crowd-funded title can gain access to early builds starting this month.

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