Enermax's Thormax GT is a gentle giant

The people at Enermax have expanded their livery of flashy-looking PC towers, and the newest addition doesn't skimp on headroom—almost literally so. The Thormax GT can fit not just E-ATX mobos, but also 360-mm and 240-mm liquid-cooling radiators at the top and bottom, respectively, along with a wealth of other hardware.

This behemoth of a case has room for graphics cards as long as 14.2"—or 19.3" without the internal storage cage. It features side-facing trays for five 2.5" or 3.5" drives, supplementing an additional 2.5" mount behind the motherboard tray. One can also fit up to four 5.25" drives at the front using bays outfitted with a "screwless latch design."

In the air cooling department, the Thormax GT ships with two of Enermax's 180-mm Vegas fans with blue LEDs—one at the front and one on the side. If that's not enough, Enermax leaves room for an additional six 120- or 140-mm fans. That, uh, ought to keep things covered.

Rounding out the package is the mother of all front panels, with two SuperSpeed USB ports, four USB 2.0 ports, and buttons for controlling both fan speeds and the LED modes of the included spinners. Enermax even throws in a "magnetic headset holder" that "allows users to easily place their headset on the metal side panels or any other metal surface." (As I understand it, you just snap the thing anywhere on the case and hang your headphones off of it.)

My only complaint is that the company didn't go with a more interesting design for the outside. The whole sci-fi spaceship look seems a little played out to me. Then again, It's hard to argue with a spec sheet like this one.

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