Top five PC vendors increase shipments in Q3

Gartner and IDC have both published PC shipment figures for the third quarter. There are slight differences due to how the research firms count PCs, but both agree on the overall trend. Although the global PC market shrank slightly versus Q3 last year, shipments were up for the top five vendors, in some cases by double-digit percentages.

Both research firms show Lenovo in the lead worldwide followed by HP, Dell, and Acer. There's some disagreement over the fifth spot, though. Gartner says it belongs to Asus, while IDC names Apple. Here are the numbers, starting with Gartner's data:

  Q3'14 shipments Q3'13 shipments Change Q3 market share
Lenovo 15.7 million 14.1 million 11.4% 19.8%
HP 14.2 million 13.6 million 4.4% 17.9%
Dell 10.2 million 9.29 million 9.7% 12.8%
Acer Group 6.83 million 6.26 million 9.0% 8.6%
Asus 5.77 million 4.94 million 16.9% 7.3%
Other 26.7 million 31.6 million -15.5% 33.6%
Total 79.4 million 79.8 million -0.5% 100%

Gartner doesn't count Chromebooks in its tally, but it does include Windows-based tablets and convertibles. Asus' budget-priced Transformer Book T100 convertible probably contributed to that company's strong showing here.

Tablets and detachable convertibles aren't included in IDC's numbers. The firm counts Chromebooks, however. Here are the figures:

  Q3'14 shipments Q3'13 shipments Change Q3 market share
Lenovo 15.7 million 14.1 million 11.2% 20.0%
HP 14.7 million 14.0 million 5.1% 18.8%
Dell 10.4 million 9.52 million 9.7% 13.3%
Acer Group 6.63 million 5.95 million 11.4% 8.4%
Apple 4.98 million 4.58 million 8.9% 6.3%
Other 26.0 million 31.7 million -17.9% 33.1%
Total 78.5 million 79.9 million -1.7% 100%

Shipments increased for the top PC vendors but declined steeply for others. That downturn was large enough to pull the entire market into negative territory, albeit only slightly.

Interestingly, both firms report U.S. shipment growth of 4.2-4.3%. PCs enjoyed a "solid" back-to-school season in the region, according to IDC, and there has been "some commercial uptick" from folks upgrading older Windows XP machines. The U.S. shipment figures for both firms show Apple in the number-three spot behind HP and Dell, respectively. Lenovo and Acer have the fourth and fifth sports, according to IDC, while Lenovo and Toshiba round out the top five in Gartner's data.

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