Friday night: Your customer service pet peeves

Over the past few weeks and months, horror stories about Comcast's customer service have made the rounds. We've heard a desperate retention rep refuse to a let a user cancel his service, and we've even read about the company getting one of its customers fired.

Of course, this sort of stuff isn't unique to Comcast. I'm sure there are worse offenders out there. And some firms with otherwise helpful staff can still make callers jump through needless hoops, put up with unreasonable wait times, listen to atrocious hold music, etc.

Do any of your recent customer service encounters stand out for those reasons? Have you ever been berated by an overworked tech support technician or left on hold after the call center closed? Perhaps you've worked as a service rep yourself, and you have some choice stories from the other side. Or maybe you've had an awful experience with service staff in another, non-tech related context.

Whatever it is, we'd like to hear your stories!

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