Morning, folks. I hope you had a good weekend. Mine was, oddly, quite relaxing. Doesn't happen often enough. I spent some time with my kids, worked outside in the yard on a glorious fall day, and generally was able to unwind.

As part of that, I finished up the last few chapters of The Wolf Among Us in the evenings. This was my first experience with a Telltale Games product, and I enjoyed it. My version of Bigby Wolf was a do-gooder who practiced ridiculous levels of self-restraint, but I will always feel a twinge of guilt for sending the frog and his son to the farm.

I'm not going to jump straight back into another game of this type. Wolf isn't exactly the sort of shooter/RPG fare that I normally enjoy, but I needed to mix things up. Wolf fit that bill perfectly.

Up next? Well, I have Alien: Isolation installed, but Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel is about to drop, so I dunno. 'twill be difficult to avoid the allure of Pandora's moon.

On another front, things are in flux on the phone front around here. My iPhone 5's lock button has gone gimpy, and several options are in play. I've been eyeing the OnePlus One for a while as a possible replacement, but I also like the look of the iPhone 6 Plus.

The OnePlus is billed as a "flagship killer," and its specs bear that out: four cores, more memory, lots of storage, comparable display size and resolution, and tons of megapixels. However, I'm pretty sure the iPhone 6 Plus is the perfect antidote to arguments based on oversimplified specs. Two Cyclone cores trump four Krait cores anyday, for instance. The 6 Plus camera has fewer megapixels but seems capable of out-resolving most competing phones' sensors. And, just eyeballing it, you can tell the display on the 6 Plus is magically amazing, with better color contrast and viewing angles than anything that isn't OLED.

I'm pretty sure the 6 Plus can make a very strong case for being the best smartphone out there right now.

So I'm torn. I actually went ahead and ordered a 6 Plus the other day, but it won't arrive for nearly a month. Meanwhile, after hearing me talk about it, my son Nathan went and dropped a pile of saved-up birthday and Christmas money on a OnePlus One. (Thanks to the generous TR reader who sent us that invitation, by the way. We used it!)

The One arrived this weekend, and man. It's really good. I bought a Nexus 7 last year and instantly fell in love with it. I use the thing constantly. The One is like a Nexus 7 with more of everything: performance, camera quality, main memory, storage, portability—and customization, thanks to the default Cyanogenmod OS installation. I'm still not convinced its key components, like the display and camera, are up to the 6 Plus' standard, but when I use it, I go wobbly on the proposition of paying nearly three times as much for the iPhone.

This whole commoditization of computing dynamic: it never stops making things interesting.

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