New Star Citizen clip shows exquisitely detailed planet surface

Man, Star Citizen is looking better and better. The latest demo from Roberts Space Industries shows the game's Planetside module, with a player landing on some kind of corporate city-planet, getting out of his ship, and walking around on the exquisitely rendered surface. The amount of detail on display is pretty staggering:

According to Chris Roberts, players will be able to touch down on planets like this one to get new missions and purchase ships and other items. A "lot of different planets" will offer the level detail seen above, thanks to a modular content creation system that involves "partly designed, partly procedural" assets. Using this system, the team can "have different architecture types and put them together fairly quickly," Roberts says.

Excusing the somewhat choppy frame rate, Roberts notes, "This is significantly more than what you get on even an Xbox One or a PS4. This is sort of another level—I believe, what, 30 million polys at our high point, right?" The scenes above certainly do look quite a bit richer than what we're seeing in current "next-gen" games.

Roberts' recent interview with VentureBeat suggests that Star Citizen is on track to be "feature and content complete" in late 2015 or early 2016. It sounds like the Planetside module may be accessible to beta players earlier in 2015, though. (Thanks to Rock, Paper, Shotgun for the link.)

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