Over a million ''insiders'' are sampling Windows 10

When Microsoft unveiled Windows 10 on September 30, it committed to engaging with users early in development. The Technical Preview was released the following day as part of the Windows Insider Program, and according to Redmond, over a million eager recruits have signed up since. They're not just poking around for their own amusement, either. "Over 200,000 pieces of user-initiated feedback have been submitted" thus far.

Microsoft says 64% of Win10 preview installs are on standalone machines, while the remainder occupy virtual ones. 68% of users are running more than seven apps per day, 25% are over 26 apps, and 5% are up to 68 apps. A lot of folks are likely doing compatibility testing of their own rather than bug hunting for Microsoft, but the early build certainly seems to be getting a lot of attention.

Cyril is exploring the Technical Preview and should be able to share his thoughts with us soon. In the meantime, Paul Thurrot has a nice breakdown of some of the most popular user requests based on the Facebook-style feedback system. The top ten includes some good ideas, such as adding tabs to File Explorer and options to disable some new taskbar buttons. People also seem to be keen on animating the Start menu and implementing a "beautiful" boot screen.

There's no telling how many suggestions Microsoft will ultimately incorporate into the final version of the OS. At the very least, it should be interesting to watch the various factions within the Windows community try to steer the OS in their desired direction. Some people actually miss being able to access the Charms bar with the mouse.

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